Sunday, 16 December 2012


So we arrived in Franz Josef at midday on the 13th dec! It was a bit too late for any of the long walks up to the glacier and a bit cloudy too. So we decided to take a dip in the heated glacier pools!! They were amazing. We whiled away about 3.5 hours in the three pools, moving between them. The hottest pool was 40 degrees!!!! We could only sit in that one for about 10 mins before shrivelling up! The other two were 38 and 36 degrees! We spend most of our time in the 38 degree pool!

When our toes and fingers were all soft and wrinkly we went for a lovely diner along the Main Street. We allowed ourselves the treat of paying for Nachos and mulled wine!!! Nom nom nom

The next day was a bit more eventful. We decided to do two hikes, a small one in the morning (one hour long) and a medium one in the afternoon (5 hours long)!!

The first hike took us to the terminal moraine of the Franz Josef glacier. The views were incredible.

The second hike took us above the glacier and to a view point that looks down onto it. Along the way we encountered suspension bridges, cliff climbing, cliff side stairs and river crossings. The hike said experienced walkers only, after we knew why!

We are currently chilling in Queenstown and yesterday went up the skyline Gondola and had a go on the luge! Some serous competition went down which ended up with Alec being run onto the grass and me half way out the kart/luge! Needless to say we got some disapproving looks from the mums and dads taking their children down. However we were on the adventures track and we got a 'right on' from one of the 'track specialists' so we weren't too worried about the few who disapproves of our fun!

In the evening we went to see the hobbit at the cinema and for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, it's amazing go and see it!!

Today we booked to go kayaking in Milford sound. We are going on Tuesday for the whole day! We can't wait! We are looking forward to seeing the seals, penguins and dolphins!

Will be a few days before we have wifi again so we will update you went we next can. In the mean time we have changed the settings on the blog to allow comments so post away if there's anything you want to say...

Ciao for now!