Saturday, 22 December 2012

Having had a very busy 2/3 weeks we decided to make our way up to Christchurch a few days ahead of schedule for some well needed R&R. There is about 12 hours drive between Milford and Christchurch though, so we had plenty to see on the way!!

The weather was the best it has been for the 2 days we split the journey into, so stopping to admire the views wasn't too much of a chore. We pitched our tent in a nice town called Omarama for the night, just south of an unmistakable Mt Cook. Mt Cook was a 45 minute detour but well worth it. A beautiful scenic drive along the length of Lake Pukaki took us into the foothills where we stopped for a few hours.

Many fuel/ice cream stops later we found ourselves on Highway 1, bound for Christchurch. This, bar a beach trip to Akaroa will be the last city we visit on our whistle-stop tour of NZ...