Saturday, 5 January 2013

Arrival in Sydney/Blue Mtns

After arriving in Sydney on Boxing Day, it took us a few hours to acclimatise. Not only to the heat, but also the sheer amount of people, and the inconvenient change in exchange rate.

For the couple of days before we picked up our 'Jucy Crib Camper' we explored as much of Sydney as time allowed. Whether it was strolling through the peaceful Botanic Gardens, elbowing our way through the post christmas sales on
George Street, or catching some rays on central quay.(Central in a way that you had a triangle of high rise Sydney, the Opera House, and the Harbour bridge around you!) This wasn't a place we wanted to leave. At least, not for now...

After picking up our awesome tent on wheels, we headed straight into the Blue Mountains for what would be 2 days of 'active rest' before we took on the far south of the NSW coastline.

Tantalisingly close to all of the action that the national park had to offer, was a town called Katoomba where we stopped at the local Aldi for supplies.

We stocked up on meatballs, BBQ chicken wings, and cheesecake...the essentials. Excited about this, we rushed back to the camper and with a turn of the key snapped it in the lock!!

Having been shamelessly up-sold full insurance with horror stories of people crashing 50 meters down the road, hitting kangaroos, and the even a cracked windscreen resulting in a loss of their $3000 excess, we didn't want to phone a local locksmith and pay ourselves. Instead, we would call Jucy and use this insurance, for the very purpose it was bought!

Unfortunately, Jucy couldn't help us until 9 am the next morning which was pretty annoying as not only did this scupper our plans, but it also raised a question about their '24 hour roadside assistance' that is so very well advertised. It is more of a 9-5 assistance, it turns out!

Many to and fro phone calls followed:

Call centre lady: "I'm sorry Sir, I do not have the authority to send a locksmith until tomorrow as this is not an emergency!"

Me: "How is this not an emergency?! Our BBQ chicken wings are going off and we have to sleep in Lidl Carpark taking it in turns to sneak into the hostel next door to use what we are assuming are public showers and cooking facilities!"

Our cries got us nowhere..

The next morning, we awoke to the familiar sound of shopping trolleys and automatic doors. We were soon on our way!

After a couple of short walks to scenic lookouts and admiring the Three Sisters rock formation among others, it was time to return to Sydney for NYE festivities the next day. The Blue Mtns was short, but sweet!!