Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Sydney to Melbourne - Part two

After Wilson's prom we continued on to our last stop before the urban environment of Melbourne, Philip Island!

Just south of Melbourne, Philip Island is good for just about anything and everything! From wild life parks, walks and scenic look outs to go karting, laser quest and a chocolate factory!!

We decided we had saved up enough for a bit of a splurge and we went go karting! 11 times round a track against 20 others trying to get the best lap time!

After our fast paced morning we needed lunch!! We jumped in the car to drive down the road to find a cafe by the sea. Alec in his hungry state (and having lost his glasses) read a sign for a Vietnamese restaurant and pulled off in excitement. As we drew closer to a lonely building in a field it turned out he had driven us to a VETERANS museum! This was hilarious, for me anyway, Alec was disappointed about the lack of Asian food! 'They don't even sell a noodle salad in the museum cafe' was what was discovered after he had had a nosey around!

The next day we traveled the rest of the way to Melbourne and set our base at a big four caravan park. It was so hot as we arrived around midday so we jumped straight in the pool, which was lovely and refreshing! We unpacked and tidied the car as the next day we were due to fly to cairns, (well it was actually 2am the day after that but we figured we would either stay out late or sleep in the airport.) had a shower and headed into Melbourne for dinner!

We managed to get an a absolute bargain for dinner. We went to a burger bar in Melbourne sq, they were doing a deal, burger and beer for $14!!! The burger was originally $16 and the beer $9!! So we ended up paying $28 for a $68 meal!! (We ordered two more drinks they forgot to charge us for!!) :D

The next day we visited the Melbourne aquarium and saw everything from penguins to starfish. The most interesting exhibit for us though was the shark tank!! We enjoyed watching the enormous sting rays glide over the top of us and the sharks investigating all the noise from the children.

In the evening (having decided to stay out late before our flight) we had booked tickets to the amazing, the fantastic Draculas theatre restaurant!! The night included a ghost train, three course meal, comedians, light shows, songs, a band and much much more! It was an amazing experience and something we would definitely recommend!!

Draculas finished at 11pm so we caught the shuttle bus straight to the airport (I forgot to mention earlier had we had handed back our Jucy camper but before this we drove to the airport and paid to have our bags stored there for the day so we weren't lugging them around with us in Melbourne!) and checked in for our 2am flight! It's safe to say that we slept on airport seats right up until about 1:57am! Then all the way to cairns! We got two whole rows to ourself so we could even lay down!!

Stumbling down the airplane steps into Cairns we felt the heat hit us even at 0400am in the morning!! Anyway, Cairns is another story for another blog!

In a while crocodile!! (topical goodbye now we are in Queensland!)


Magnus said...

"It was so hot as we arrived around midday so we jumped straight in the pool, which was lovely and refreshing!"

arghrgrhg RAGE. My day consisted of walking to uni in a blizzard for a 2 hour lecture on organisational security policy, and then almost falling over 3 times on the way home.