Monday, 14 January 2013

Sydney-Melbourne Coastal Drive Part 1

Since leaving Sydney we have racked up an impressive 1745km driving. It has taken us 8 days to meander our way down to our current resting spot in Wilsons Promontory National Park (The Prom) about 200km south east of Melbourne.

First stop on our coastal tour was in the region of Wollongong (we can't pronounce it either) and to a Water Action Park in the heart of Kangeroo Valley nr Jamberoo! These names are real, no joke. This was a day of 5 metre rock pool jumps, funnel web tube rides, 5 man water skeleton races, rapids and much much more!

Finding our way back out of the mountains, we decided to head on down to Jervis Bay, where we enjoyed the seemingly endless white sand beaches!

The days have merged into one along this segment, everywhere we stop having amazing beaches, amazing weather, and new and cool things to see.

Some time along the Princes Highway, which can take your door to door from Sydney-Melbourne we visited Tathra which is apparently well known for its great surfing. We didn't surf, but we did enjoy a swim in the massive waves safe in the knowledge that if a shark did come in for a sniff around, surely/hopefully it would eat the surfers about 10m further out first !!

Our last stop on the NSW coast was in a town called Eden. We went to the killer whale museum*, and enjoyed local and freshly fished prawns and calamari. We also caught sunset from a viewpoint that we camped at for the night!

*remember to ask us about an awesome story about a killer whale called Tom.

Heading into Victoria we planned to dodge the wild fires as well as we had so far, and come up with some new techniques to keep the camper alive, despite the beasting we were giving it, whilst at all times maximising its use!

Our main effort was in working out the maximum time we could have the mini fridge and air-con on at night, without the battery going flat!

Victoria has been an eye opener! We have seen lots of wildlife, stayed the night in some very dubious places, moved on from some even more dubious places, but nonetheless loved every minute of it.

Highlights include our night at Disaster Bay (should have taken the hint) on essentially our own private beach. This was beautiful, isolated, and peaceful! That was until we had the feeling someone was watching us. This coupled with Emma explaining how this area would be perfect for a body dump meant we moved on, sharpish!

On a lighter note, we have seen kangaroos on the side of the road, wallabies on the beach, wombats in the middle of the road (inches from
being a pancake), and just now I was ambushed by a 2 inch flying beetle!

As I say, we are now at Wilsons Prom. After an awesome day of hide and seek in the rocky outcrop on Squeaky Beach (Actually squeaks when you walk on it), we are dodging the rangers who police the 'no camp in best places' rule. If they do find us, we will be surfing on our camper to the tune of Surfing USA-Beach Boys!! Signing out for now. Sorry for the ridiculous length of this blog...