Sunday, 9 December 2012


Hi everyone!

So the weather in Rotoura wasn't good enough for mountain biking unfortunately however we managed to get to Te Puia which is an old Mari village surrounded by hot geysers! Watched our first live haka! Those guys faces are legendary!! The weather turned for the better In the afternoon! So much so that Alec's neck is a bit burnt!!

Today we are in Taupo!! Camped next to the famous 'lake Taupo'!! AND GUESS WHAT WE DID THIS MORNING!!!

THAT'S RIGHT YOU GOT IT... A SKY DIVE!!!!!!!!!!! The weather today is the beast it's been since we have been here! Lovely and clear! So when we were 15000ft up in the air we could see for miles and miles!! I think that made the adrenalin rush more like an adrenalin tidal wave!!

That initial jump out the plane door is crazy! You just have to have complete faith in the expert! That in itself is scary!!

Before we were about to jump Alec's instructor (who thought himself a bit of a joker) said to mine... 'I see you've given her the old harness, ahy bro!'

My instructor: 'yeh bro, I mean she's only light, it will hold!'

It's the only time in my life when I've wanted to say 'no no no you have it all wrong 'bro', I'm much heavier than I actually look!!'

We survived anyway and we have both agreed that we DEFINITELY want to do another one!! (When and if money allows)

We are now going to chill out by the lake and catch some rays (with suntan lotion on, don't worry!!) Ciao for now!!!

Ps the sun cream is factor 30 or 50!!! So again mums, don't worry!

Pps do you like how we told you about the sky dive after it happened so you can protest... Cleaver huh!!! :D AND YES, we were insured the whole way down, not that that matters now!!

E and A xxx