Tuesday, 11 December 2012


So having come down from our adrenalin high we are now based in Wellington ready for our crossing to the South Island tomorrow!

Yesterday we were in Tongariro national park! We decided to drive slightly south of Taupo and do the 'best walk in New Zealand'! We crashed a DOC camp site that had hot showers, a kitchen AND flushing toilets! Luxury! Unfortunately we arrived after reception hours and left before they opened so there was no one to pay! That may have been slightly intentional!

So yesterday we walked the length of the Tongariro crossing (20k) however we could only walk half way. The department of conservation had closed the other half due to recent volcanic activity!!!

We got to 'the top' of our climb at the red crater and emerald lakes which are exactly half way if the walk had been fully open.

The emerald lakes were pretty amazing and worth the steep walk to the top! At the top we could see the multiple active volcanos in all their glory! The volcanos were steaming, the lakes glistening, sun shinning AND LUNCH CALLING!!!

We ate our pack lunches in the volcanic rock that once was lava and enjoyed the amazing weather. We decided the view (and the weather) was to good to leave straight after lunch so we took a few photos and had a lovely nap in the sun (after applying factor 50)!!

I bet not many people can say they have napped for 30 mins on the side of an active volcano!

Today we are wandering around Wellington. We have just been kicked out of the Te Papa museum which is the museum of New Zealand! Was very interesting and informative. We both had fun on the interactive games/exhibitions (meant for children, but that just means we got the highest scores!!)!

Taking the ferry across the cook straight tomorrow! Can't wait to see what the South Island has to offer!!

Ciao for now!