Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Part way down the west coast of South Island, I think it's time for another update courtesy of McWifi.

Just to clarify from Emma's last blog, yes we were kicked out of the museum. But don't worry! We had just overstayed their opening time without realising. They tracked us down somewhere between the preserved giant jellyfish and the giant whale skeleton.

Having got what we thought was a great deal on car parking until 2am in Wellington city centre, we failed to notice the size 2 font that told us the car park gates closed at 9pm. (4 hours before our ticket expired) Brilliant! We rocked up at about midnight and the prospect of a night in the car in a dodgy crack den end of town seemed ever closer. School boy error.

Lucky for us, later on, some Chinese tourists who had made the same mistake must have called and paid the $40 fine to open the doors. They must have had a heart attack as we screeched around the corner to nip out before the gate closed again. Phew!

Having wasted valuable man hours, we decided against another night in a campsite some time from Wellington and tried to get ourselves booked on the earlier ferry (02.45). A few hours later we were very happy to be in the South Island running on 2 hours sleep that we had scraped together.

A day of sleep deprivation followed but that didn't stop us enjoying the beautiful coast of the Abel Tasman National Park by collecting cool shells, inspecting star fish, chasing crabs and chilling.

We are now well on our way to Franz Josef and will keep you posted as apparently there is some sort or glacier or sumfink to see.

Ciao for now.