Wednesday, 5 December 2012

So a quick update on the last few days!

Tuesday night was our first middle earth camping experience, and what an experience it was! We arrived in the coromandel peninsula and stopped to buy some food for the next few days. With our powdered milk and dry pasta we set off to set up our tent next to the river Waranagui!

That night it poured down but we stayed dry thanks to our little two man tent, however I can't say that we actually got much sleep!! Alec's dose of man flu kept him up all night and the fact that I was using my toiletries bag as pillow kept me up too!!!

The weather didn't improve the next day either. We managed to have bagels for breakfast before the heavens opened and the lovely shire we had being inhobbiting turned into mordore!

We managed to fit in a few visits in the rain. Such as, the hot water beach (we tried to dig for the hot water. It it was the wrong tide, apparently! We even had our swimming stuff on ready to bath in the rain!! But it didn't happen!) and cathedral cove (which is supposed to be lovely... When it's not raining!) We had to change our clothes about 3 times in all! Nightmare!

So in the eve we drove to waitomo as today WE ARE GOING BLACK WATER RAFTING DOWN THE BLACK ABISS!!!! We found a lovely holiday park with HOT SHOWERS AND EVERYTHING!!!

We both can't wait for the black water rafting and will update you later in McDonalds!!

Ps sorry about the lack of photos, it was raining so hard we only wanted to use the water proof camera!